WN 62

Strongpoint located at Colleville-sur mer

Omaha beach 6 of june 1944

The confrontation of two nations

Extraordinary logistical means

The engagement of thousands of men

A blood, sweat, anguishes and tears bath

Ground and sea under a flood of fire and steel

Thousands of lives broken or marked forever by suffering

It remains a sublime beach and conviction... That which the humiliation of a people is to be banished

That which the extreme thoughts lead to the darkest acts

That which the Nazism misled, alienated and ruined Europe

That which the history is an eternal restarting

That which the balance of the world is fragile

That which freedom is transitory

That we must learn to our children how to respect the others and free-thinking

That which the media often maintain the polemic more than information

That which our duty of man is to say no to the unacceptable situations

That which the man must protect him from himself even like others

That which we have each one a role in appeasing

That which we all can be a peace defender